10 fitness training tips for beginners

If you’re new to working out intensively, then you might be in need of some useful tips that will maximize your time and make your workout as lean as possible
this article series will aim to point out as many tips as possible to help you improve your training sessions.

1. Always stretch

one of the basic things, before every workout is to make sure to always for a few minutes before training, it will simply make your body more flexible and prepared to do some working.

2. weight workout for 60 minutes or less

A common misconception is that the more you exercise the more your muscle will grow, well that’s not entirely accurate.

Actually, working out for more than an hour has been proven to be a waste of time as it does not contribute to your growth as much as the first hour. therefore always make sure to have a steady and intensive weight lifting for 1 hour only.

3. Aim for speed

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, a Marathon or uphill, aim to increase your speed and endurance.
Each time you go for a run, try to do it little faster than your previous sessions, especially for shorter distances.
Same goes for swimming, the faster you swim the more you will develop your endurance and flexibility.

Remember, don’t forget to breathe.


The most common thing that beginners do is to quit after a few days or weeks because it just does not fit their schedule.
Don’t make excuses but at the time don’t feel bad for quitting, this happens to many of us for a lot of reasons and the trick is to find the time to get back up.
Start by scheduling 10-20 minutes a day doing a routine and simple workouts, those extra few minutes will make a difference for your health. this plan can work for almost everybody and you’ll be able to stick to it for some time, and it will help you to move forward for the next level and try a more intensive workout.

5. Nutrition is key

Knowing what to eat is crucial, it’s just as important as the workout itself, the more educated you are about the food and drink you should be having, the bigger the chances are of achieving your workout goals, it’s simple as that.

there’s a lot of articles out there about the right nutrition for you and we always recommended to consult fitness and nutrition professionals about the type of meals you should be having.

6. Lower the weight to avoid injury

henever changing your grip, lower the weight by 10% percent, this will help you avoid injuries.
another important and useful tip to avoid injury is to lightly exercise the same muscles as you did the previous day, a fifth of the weight decrease should do fine, this will help your muscles repair faster.

7. Climbing

Climbing is an awesome method to exercise your body, the main reason is that a lot of muscles engage at the same time. we recommend to get proper equipment and start at a professional wall climbing compound with professional guidance to assist.

8. Resistance training

Occasionally, Lifting weights while running faster can improve your skills significantly.
needless to say, that you should start with a lightweight and then move up the ladder.

9. Lightweight

Another misconception is that the goal should be to lift heavier weights as you progress, where in fact, you can go for lighter weights and lift them faster than usual, this will help you build strength.
try to finish the sets faster than usual and don’t forget to reset between sets for about half a minute.

10. Be mentally prepared

Physical preparation is crucial, having the right exercise program and the suitable nutrition for your goals. nevertheless, preparing your mindset for the activity to come is as important.
This will help your nervous system to be aware of the exercises and signal your muscles when to contract.