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as a dedicated trainer in the gym for the past 13 years, I have tried most of the supplements that are available in the fitness industry:




protein supplements and bars

fat burners

so the real question is does this product give an unfair advantage or just another marketing gimmick?

first, I will clarify that this product was used by me in 2 conditions, first combined with pre-workout and creatine

the second condition was using only this product.

my conclusion:

this product does not add any energy or boost or pump beyond the creatine and the pre-workout,

but when I used this product alone it did come close to the same effect that creatine and a pre-workout does, moreover, the energy was pure and did not come with side effects such as stomach ache, restless nights and a lot of sweat.

if we look on the fat burning aspect of the product than it did get me leaner in the stomach side since I went down by 2 holes in the power belt but did not get 6 pack since at the end of the day I am a powerlifter which consists on high body fat activity.

if you are looking for more clean and cheap energy for your training days with the bonus of burning fat on the way, you should consider this product.

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