what is stack?

it’s combining more than one supplement product for a specific goal, each day you will consume at least 3 kinds of supplements to enhance rapidly your performance and achieve your goal as fast as possible.

but is it really that effective, moreover, does it worth the money? (since you are consuming multiple products it will be expensive per month)

to answer that you need to ask yourself, how many times do your muscles get sore during a workout or after?

if it’s frequently and it’s common than your muscles are not getting enough nutrients to match the level of intensity your workouts are so I highly recommend to try the crazy bulk stalk (choose the stack that matches your goals)


it’s not effective, not to mention the costs it will take but most importantly it will cause health problems so please keep it one stack each time

if you are not sure you need it then here are some tips to guide you :

  1. if you train 3 days in a row then you should consider it
  2.  if you work with heavyweights in powerlifting movements that are heavier from your body weight, for example, you squat 225 LB but your weight is 190 LB than you should consider it
  3. if you train each muscle 3 times in a week
  4. if your temporary job requires physical endurance or stamina that you arrive at the gym after work exhausted
  5. your work out routine is combined with highly intense aerobic activity

those 5 situations or situations similar to them are a very good reason to hold you back for achieving great results at the gym so the stack will get you back on track.

please common bellow for any comment or issue I didn’t cover

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